About Our Company

Fil DeStefano

Spartan Impressions is an Oakville, Ontario based company, founded in 2004. Presently located in the Greater Toronto Area, Spartan Impressions has the ability to supply services and product through North America. We currently service business continually in over three states and 3 provinces in the US and Canada.

Spartan Impressions is a graphic design business with expertise in marketing  for small, medium and large size businesses, providing economically friendly printing services (ECO-friendly options) in both small and large format, as well as signage, digital solutions, and more. These services and products are combined with marketing and campaign consulting services, backed by years of experience.

Our mission is to help ALL our clients grow their businesses or organizations by targeting their client base, and campaigning with marketing methods to keep them coming back. From business colors and concepts, to advertising ideas, followed through with optimized campaigning techniques…we will promise to achieve all your design, printing and marketing goals.